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Angels on Earth, a bi-monthly magazine, presents true stories about God's angels as well as humans who have played angelic roles in daily life.

"Great magazine with inspirational stories. "
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"Can't beat the prices, and I've never had a problem with my subscriptions. "
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good read:)
"read it cover to cover when I received it."
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"Years and years ago, I was a reader of Angels on Earth, then when the subscription ran out, I just let it go. Now, I am looking to get back to reading it again . Angels is one of the best magazines that I have read and enjoy it a lot more than Guideposts, which has gone so commercial in the past. Sometimes there are more ads than stories. It is hard to pay for ads, when they come on TV for free. Of course, I will continue to read Guideposts, but it is passed to me after a subscriber reads it first. My daughter has also quit her subscription because of the ads and the shortness that the magazine seems to have gone to."

Who publishes Angels on Earth Magazine?

Angels on Earth Magazine is published by Guideposts Publishing.

How often is Angels on Earth Magazine mailed?

Angels on Earth Magazine is printed and mailed Bi-Monthly.

If I order Angels on Earth Magazine today, when will my first issue arrive?

If you order today (07/12/2024) your first issue should arrive in the mail Between 09/27/2024 and 10/25/2024.

What is the Universal Magazine Code for Angels on Earth Magazine ?

The UMC is 1818.