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For all the best and most luxurious in architecture and interior design, Architectural Digest Magazine is your premier publication! You'll be invited into the homes of the rich and famous that have been decorated by the world's most talented designers. Articles naturally include the latest on antique and modern furniture and art, but you'll also learn what's chic in home electronics, gardens, and travel spots. Architectural Digest Magazine is a must-purchase for those with discriminating tastes!

"This magazine is gorgeous! The articles are inspiring, fun and sometimes out of reach but that?s kind of the best part! You can take what you want from AD, make it your own at your own budget. Get inspired see design that?s really large!"

Best Gift Ever
"I gifted it to my architect daughter, she loves it! "
- on

Too expensive
"Promised $10 price. Charged much more. I believe it took @ least 6 weeks to receive first copy. Interesting magazine but will not reorder "
- on

Very disappointed
"Very disappointed Will not renew subscription."
- on

Great job. Excellent price.
"Dubious at first, but all worked out perfectly."
- on

They have always come through
"Generally wary of subscription services but this one has always delivered, so renewing again!"
- on

Wonderful Magazine
"Was impressed with pictures and articles. Interviews were great!"
- on

"Definitely not like the issues of the distant past. Not as much content and lots of advertising."
- on

Great Publication/ Great price
"I used to subscribe but it got tooo costly, not from Subscription Addition!!! Thank you "
- on

Personal decorating and inspiring aid.
"Your May issue is packed with fresh, innovative details; a pleasure and inspirational guide."
- on

"Great magazine. Prompt shipping."
- on

It?s a great magazine.
"Good pricing, thanks very much. "
- on

"Great price, quick and easy transaction"
- on

"Yes, I get frequent emails from AD magazine. No, I haven't received a single hard copy of the magazine. Most disappointing."
- on

"Not exciting. There are other magazines that are for better. Not worth the money."
- on

This service makes magazine buying simple and easy, and saves a ton of money!
"I like to purchase magazines through this service because of its ease and the cost savings."
- on

Cool value
"Big savings over a regular subscription?which prompted me to order. About three months into it, so far so good."
- on

Beautiful interiors , interesting exteriors & ads for high end decor
"Love the decorating ideas "
- on

It has turned into nothing but ads.
"Getting the magazine as ordered was fast"
- on

Architectural Digest
"I've been a subscriber for years and will continue in years to come."
- on

"Terrible. After leafing through the first couple of issues, I?ll just be putting following issues in the trash. Needless to say, I won?t be renewing."
- on

Great home ideas for the Rich and Famous!
"I like AD because my Aunt always loved to look at the pictures and get a few ideas for decorating. Most of the stuff is too far out for me but I love to see the color schemes they come up with."
- on

fantastic =
"can not believe the fantastic magazine"
- on

"Enjoy seeing the latest design in housing and furnishings. Wish there were more houses each month though."
- on

Great price !
"Easy to order on line, great price on an interesting magazine."
- on

Never received any A D
"Never received any magazine "
- on

"Have been a subscriber off and on for 20 plus years. Started selecting it at the local library, which of course, was free. But then I became so enamored with the content, that I wanted my own copies to save. On a dull, dreary day, reading your magazine is magical and brightens a not so pleasant day. "
- on

My perspective on contemporary interiors ...
"AD continues to provide insight on the trends in interior design. I seldom see well done homes in the small town where I reside. AD gives me a window on the fantastic world of designer homes."
- on

Mags are coming, lots of fun, thanks much.
"Mags are coming, lots of fun, thanks much."
- on

" If it ain't broke - don't fix it." It ain't broke! Thankfully!
"Same as above - keep up the Great work."
- on

What's more to say?
"Amazing price and service, Amazing magazine!"
- on

Able to keep enjoying!
"It may take slightly longer to get your magazine but the deal of a price makes it worth it!"
- on

Not inspiring!
"Most of your featured architecture is kooky and unattractive. It looks to me like you held a contest for who can come up with the sloppiest, most boring, and ugly design features. Being different does not necessarily equate to being attractive in every case but in the case of AD it is not worth the investment of money and time spent flipping through the pages. "
- on

Great price
"I give this magazine to my daughter- in-law every year. She still likes it."
- on

"Very pleased every time I order magazines form Subscription Addiction."
- on

"Excellent price but took way too long to receive first issue."
- on

"Great Price for a Great Magazine"
- on

ordered but never received magazines
"I ordered several subscriptions from SubscriptionAddictions about 2 months ago and never receive one Magazine?"
- on

Great Magazine
"Great magazine, good articles but LOTS of advertising!!"
- on

"the quality is not as it used to be, unfortunately!"
- on

Fab Mag Poor Distribution.
"I love this publication but I am now for some reason getting 3 copies. Why! I call and get no one who has any interest in what I'm saying. The following month I get 4 magazines. People Magazine is now sending 5 copies no reason I can tell. All I can think is you all have money to burn... Any way, THANK YOU!!! Michael"
- on

"Great magazine, well written"
- on

Architectural Digest
"Love the photos and articles! Great magazine!"
- on

Partly satisfied
"As an architect I do enjoy the very interesting houses and buildings. However I do feel the magazine pushes a very liberal/ gay agenda which I dislike. Please dwell on the architectural not the social. I liked the older issues from past years that had beautiful tropical/ exotic houses which are not seen in other magazines. "
- on

Great Deals!
"Subscription Addiction has great deals! For the price of a McDonalds meal, you can have a magazine come to your house every month for a year! "
- on

"It is no longer the startling publication it was. It seems to have less content and more advertising. Please add more inside detail and more about the buildings. Picture books and magazines have become more interesting because of computer production, better than ever. It needs to be worth keeping. "
- on

I love this magazine
"I love this magazine - so many inspirations "
- on

Exceptional price for this magazine
"This is much less than the newsstand price and cheaper than other subscriptions. It's a great deal!"
- on

"While interesting and appealing the items depicted do not represent a price range I live in."
- on

best value site for magazines and AD a wonderful magazine
"best value site for magazines and AD a wonderful magazine"
- on

nice waiting room magazine
"nice waiting room magazine. good price and good service for the magazine, thank you "
- on

Great price on Architectural Digest
"The one-day sale price on Arch Dig was an even better deal than usual"
- on

Excellent magazine at a great price.
"Excellent interaction. Product availability is widespread, subscription cost highly affordable."
- on

Who publishes Architectural Digest Magazine?

Architectural Digest Magazine is published by Conde Nast Publishing.

How often is Architectural Digest Magazine mailed?

Architectural Digest Magazine is printed and mailed Monthly.

If I order Architectural Digest Magazine today, when will my first issue arrive?

If you order today (07/12/2024) your first issue should arrive in the mail Between 09/13/2024 and 10/11/2024.

What is the Universal Magazine Code for Architectural Digest Magazine ?

The UMC is 0037.