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Black Belt Magazine covers Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, and other aspects of self defense, with the philosophy and history of the martial arts. Black Belt gives readers the martial arts information needed to keep their power focused, their technique true, and their spirit strong. Black Belt provides information on competitions, tournaments, seminars and dojo directories to keep readers in touch with the martial arts world. In each issue of Black Belt is a section dedicated to rookies that will provide them with a solid foundation from which to research a specific art, find a school and instructor suitable to their needs, and have the information needed to get started in the martial arts.
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"I may have those issues< Why?"

"I'm looking for the 1974-1978 articles of Black Belt Magazines."

Who publishes Black Belt Magazine?

Black Belt Magazine is published by Active Interest Media.

How often is Black Belt Magazine mailed?

Black Belt Magazine is printed and mailed Bi-Monthly.

If I order Black Belt Magazine today, when will my first issue arrive?

If you order today (07/12/2024) your first issue should arrive in the mail Between 09/27/2024 and 10/25/2024.

What is the Universal Magazine Code for Black Belt Magazine ?

The UMC is 8525.