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Nursing 2023 magazine is the ultimate source for clinical and professional information, the latest news, equipment updates, and more. Nursing 2023 is an award-winning how to journal, published with providing the most practical reading material for nurses. Nursing 2023 is the first choice for quick updates on a range of nursing topics, including but not limited-to clinical & professional information on drugs, diseases, nursing care strategies, and legal and/or ethical matters. The Continuing education section offers abundant opportunities for nurses to advance their skills. Nursing 2023's clinical expertise allows for up-to date expert advice for the fast changing nursing profession.

"Nursing 2013 - A great magazine for nursing students and recent graduates. Well worth the coin if you can get a deal on the subscription from the likes of subscriptionaddiction. I passed on the publisher rate which was nearly twice as much. Will be renewing this for years to come. Thanks."

"for many years I have read the nursing magazine aand it has been informative and made me look very smart infront of other nurse. they don't realize that if you read you will learn something every. I just love tou magazine"

"Nursing 2012 has a lot of information, Even if your not a nurse you can really get great advice etc. Thank You James Dean Martin Stockton,California"

"After graduating from nursing school, I wanted to keep up with best practices in the nursing field. I picked up nursing 2011 and it has been nothing short of great. Worth every dime. I recommend this to any nurse out there."

"After graduating from nursing school and beginning my career as a professional nurse, I wanted to make sure I kept ahead in the nursing field. I picked up a subscription to nursing 2012 magazine (Actually, it's still publishing as Nursing 2011 magazine, but my subscription runs into 2012). Each issue of Nursing 2012 gave me insightful readings into the nursing field. It contained leading edge nursing techniques used in the ER, hospital, and clinical environment. From the entire range of nursing magazines out there in publication, I think this one tops them all."

"I subscribed last year to Nursing 2010 through as a recommendation from one of my professors at school. Besides the great content and in-depth articles it really had broadened my horizons within the vast nursing field. I renewed for Nursing 2011 again, because now that I am out of school and actually working I am sure it'll help me keep up to date."

"I graduated from nursing school and my mom bought this magazine subscription for nursing2011 as a gift for me. I'm glad she purchased it, because this magazine was a perfect fit for post nursing school. It helped me keep up with nursing industry best practices and nuring techniques. all in all a good read."

"I love Nursing 2010 and have been receiving it annually since the early 90's. The articles are always concise and full of information and I find myself learning new nursing techniques with each magazine I read. In the August 4-7 edition I DID notice an error and wanted to let you know about it. Keep putting out such a wonderful addition to any nurses's education! I look forward to each issue, and I will continue to renew my subscription to this magazine each and every year."

"I love the magazine but do not appreciate you sending me three copies without me even subscribing. I am retired, and have no use for a subscription. I am on a limited budget. I DID NOT ORDER Nursing 2009. I do not like the fact that you took it on yourself to send it. I do not like the fact that you do not provide a phone number for communication purposes. That is sneaky and underhanded, and I did and do purchase the Nurse's Drug Handbook about every two years. I recently received the 2009 issue and paid for it in full months and months ago. Barbara Chandler (406) 240-3581 I do not live in Lincoln, MT in the Summer So there is no way you can credit me with an order.........that is a rip off and I do not appreciate it at all. This is unethical and illegal. My address in Seeley Lake, Montana is Barbara Reynolds, P.O. Box 625, Seeley Lake, MT. 59868 Thank you Barbara Chandler Reynolds."

"I love Nursing 2009 and have been receiving it off and on since the early 80's. The articles are always concise and full of information and I find myself learning something new with each magazine I read. In the May 6-9 edition I DID notice an error and wanted to let you know about it. Keep putting out such a wonderful addition to any nurses's education! I looke forward to each issue."

Who publishes Nursing 2023 Magazine?

Nursing 2023 Magazine is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

How often is Nursing 2023 Magazine mailed?

Nursing 2023 Magazine is printed and mailed Monthly.

If I order Nursing 2023 Magazine today, when will my first issue arrive?

If you order today (05/29/2024) your first issue should arrive in the mail Between 07/31/2024 and 08/28/2024.

What is the Universal Magazine Code for Nursing 2023 Magazine ?

The UMC is 1654.