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Predator Xtreme's target audience consists of predator and varmint hunters and hunters interested in technical information about guns and habitat. This magazine is for the hunter interested in all aspects of the sport.

Never received it. I was taken to the cleaners. Buyers be aware.
"Never received it. I was taken to the cleaners. Buyers be aware!!!"
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Predator Hunter for 70 years
"Hi guys sent I'm getting to old to go hunting the next best thing for me is to read about it. Your magazine is about the best out there most of all the other ones are just hoers. I wish is was younger the predator hunting now days looks light some much fun thanks for keeping up to speed. Don "
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No Issue
"I have not received an issue."
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"It was fine. Would rather be able to renew by mail !"
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"Incredibly good articles with lots of on point useful information. Thanks for a great read and the tip on the new book Master Coyote Hunting. What a gem#"

"Enjoying various aerticles. Tearing out various advertisement for future purchase"
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Missing Subscription
"I bought and paid for a subscription at the same time I ordered my subscription. Mine came, his never did. This was the 2nd attempt to order a gift subscription for him. Very frustrated"
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"Very informative magazine!!!!"
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Who publishes Predator Xtreme Magazine?

Predator Xtreme Magazine is published by N/A.

How often is Predator Xtreme Magazine mailed?

Predator Xtreme Magazine is printed and mailed Quarterly.

If I order Predator Xtreme Magazine today, when will my first issue arrive?

If you order today (04/12/2024) your first issue should arrive in the mail Between 07/12/2024 and 08/09/2024.

What is the Universal Magazine Code for Predator Xtreme Magazine ?

The UMC is 8023.