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This is a general-interest family magazine which offers a variety of reading. Its articles and stories cover a range of subjects including health, ecology, government, international affairs, sports, travel, science, business, education and humor.

Very Enjoyable
"A Timeless format. Very enjoyable."
- on

Large print
"Nice large print for my old weary eyes..."
- on

"I am enjoying it every month!"
- on

More magazines should do this.
"I have macular degeneration and the large print allows me to read without a magnifying glass. "
- on

Excellent - A great gift to give!
"My dad-in-law loves it! He talks about it a lot. Especially loves the large print and excellent articles!"
- on

great gift
"was just what we were hunting for our 97 year old family member for Christmas"
- on

Thank you
"So much nicer to read love just reading without my glasses"
- on

Good reading again
"I am so glad to be able to read again without glasses. The stories are interesting and short and I enjoy the jokes."
- on

Love Large Print
"Love the Readers Digest and now so much easier to read."
- on

"Something my Mother really enjoys."
- on

"It's very large. I think I would have preferred the regular version."
- on

Great magazine in Large Print
"Thank you for providing Readers Digest in large print. My parents have always enjoyed the magazine, but their eye sight is getting bad and they weren't able to read the normal print any more. I purchased the large print subscription for them and they are so pleased to be able to read it again! They have been sharing it with their friends when they are done with their copy too. Wish other magazines would provide large print too!"
- on

Reading Again
"Due to vision impairment it had become impossible to read small print. With the large print Reader's Digest I am now reading easily again. What a joy!"
- on

We are enjoying the magazine
"I got the subscription to Readers Digest Large Print for my husband who has Macular Degeneration. The condition has progressed to where he can't read regular newspapers, books or magazines. I was not sure if Readers Digest was a magazine that he would like but he reads the Readers Digest Large Print cover to cover when it arrives in the mail. Thank you so much."
- on

Just what the doctor ordered.
"Now my elderly mother can enjoy reading your magazine again. Perfect. "
- on

Look forward to every issue!
"Great price & service! Will order again."
- on

I simply love my Large Print Reader's Digest
"I love my Reader's Digest Large Print and can't wait until they arrive in the mail. After I'm done reading I hand them down to my granddaughter who also loves them."
- on

"have used for years and love it."
- on

Large print Reader's Digest, good for those with Macular Degeneration.
"I've been buying these large print magazines for my husband for a number of years now. Wish they would make more magazines in large print. "
- on

"Love the big print magazine."
- on

no glasses!!
"I need to wear glasses to read, but not with this bold print. I always enjoyed Readers Digest when I was a child, to my teens, then I got busy with life, and didn't read it any more. I looked on line just to see if they still made it, and to my surprise they do, I subscribed and was asked if I would like it in bold print, double take.. Thank You Reader's Digest. I look forward to my issue."
- on

Love the large print
"It's a great magazine and especially great in large print format!"
- on

It was for my elderly parents and there really are enjoying it.
"They are enjoying it in the large print. So glad it is available in lge print."
- on

Easy to read at our age (advanced). This is a...
"Easy to read at our age (advanced). This is a very excellent product."
- on

Fast start
"Great experience. The subscription started much faster than I expected. "
- on

What a relief
"Since a recent stroke, I have had visual snow, which makes it very hard to read regular print. RD Large Print is a welcome relief. Interesting articles, enjoy the jokes and crossword. I'm back to reading again."
- on

I love it! No eyestrain as with the small print....
"I love it! No eyestrain as with the small print. Thank you also for the very affordable price. It sure helps us seniors out!"
- on

Hours of enjoyment!
"All those marvelous stories made easy to read by the large print have given hours of enjoyment. Try to ration it out and read it over the course of few days, but read it all - at once upon receipt."
- on

Just what we wanted
"Awesome mag thank you, My eyes are bad so this was good for me"
- on

Excellent magazine at an excellent price
"I felt very lucky to find a subscription for Reader's Digest Large Print at half the price that the magazine was offering. I was a little hesitant but the magazine is arriving regularly and I really saved a lot of money."
- on

"Ordered this for my uncle. He loves it. He lost his wife last May. He loves to read. Thank you."
- on

"My 95 year old father is in assisted living. He loves the large print that he can read. It gives him something to do to pass the time."
- on

"Need an 800 number to make order and inquiries. 910-458-4664"

"Please be sure that suscription is in Spanish . Estoy ordenando Selecciones en Espanol large print."


Who publishes Readers Digest Large Print Magazine?

Readers Digest Large Print Magazine is published by Reader's Digest Association, Inc..

How often is Readers Digest Large Print Magazine mailed?

Readers Digest Large Print Magazine is printed and mailed Monthly.

If I order Readers Digest Large Print Magazine today, when will my first issue arrive?

If you order today (05/24/2018) your first issue should arrive in the mail Between 07/26/2018 and 08/23/2018.

What is the Universal Magazine Code for Readers Digest Large Print Magazine ?

The UMC is 4005.