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The Week is a witty, informative, important, and completely indispensable digest of the best reporting and writing from the U.S. and international press.

A brilliant magazine
"Insightful, witty and informative. "
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Excellent magazine at excellent price
"I have subscribed to The Week for several years and love the magazine. I'm very glad to have found a source that allows me to purchase my subscription at a reduced rate. Thanks!"
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presents multiple views
"a great news summation which appears to attempt to provide views from diverse viewpoints, some parts bore me but they must appeal to as broad a community as possible, I devour this publication when it shows up "
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The Week
"The subscription process went fine, but I now am receiving two magazines each week, one in my husbands name and one in mine. Cannot find out how to cancel one."
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Good News Source
"I read The Week nearly cover to cover. The news summaries from various sources give a broad picture of the week's events, in the U.S. as well as globally. "
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2 readers
"My fellow reader, my husband, thinks "The Week" is far too liberal. I think it's pretty well balanced. People who've visited our home and casually chosen to read the magazine have gotten their own subscription when they've returned home."
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Best price for The Week Magazine
"I love this magazine for its reporting, and it is not cheap. My subscription through this service is the best rate I could find."
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My order for "The Week"
"My renewal order for "The Week" went through with no issue. I did not experience any problems."
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"The magazine is getting very thin."
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Not balanced
"The Week claims to be balanced news magazine. It is not. It is a left leaning organization. If you are a Democrat and think you are middle of the road then you will love it."
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took a while but delivered
"Great to be able to save a little money. Were responsive to questions. And the order went through fast enough to not break my subscription. Worked for me."
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subscription service was timely and cost competitive
"ordered on line for cost and convenience"
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"As a subscriber to this magazine, I thought it reasonably fair politically until the Jan.24th, 2020 issue. "The Making of Trumpism" is a hatchet job of the first order and beneath your dignity as Journalists. You now close ranks with the likes of MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, et. al. A rebuttal would be in order or at least a lengthy article about how corrupt the Democrat candidates are. This reader will stop subscribing if you continue leftward."

Always cheaper than the publisher
"I've renewed THE WEEK several times now with SA and always pay less than the publisher is asking"
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Good deal
"Got a decent rate for my mag subscription."
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Great synopses
"Articles are concise, interesting, + give the reader lots of info in less time."
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Great prices and service.
"I use subscription Addiction to renew my subscriptions. Always accurate and their prices can't be beat. "
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Great Coverage
"This magazine provides a balanced view of world events, and can be counted on to be interesting, innovative and instructional!"
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Best news periodical!
"Hearing from both sides is one of the things I like about this magazine most. Great cartoons too."
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Great Rate for a Great News Magazine
"Best News Mag, best rates"
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A Good Read
"We both enjoy This Week. It gives a brief but knowledgeable insight into what is happening outside of our little "world"."
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Excellent magazine.
"Wanted extension (one year) on my subscription that I already had. Now I get two magazines each week. Crazy."
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"covers everything so you are informed"
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The Week Magazine.
"We love The Week Magazine."
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All the news in one place from a variety of soures
"I read thoroughly, highlighting the parts that interest my husband that he might overlook. I then pass on to my friend who then reads the news even if it is a week late."
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Best Magazine Covers Hands Down!
"I?ve subscribed for 4 years and love the covers, international articles, cartoons, and puzzles. "
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"Items cover global issues and debates in quick informative manner. Pros and cons are provided in well-written manner."
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Very Good
"It comes a day late--should come Saturday for The Week and it comes Monday."
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best of the weekly mags.
"easy renewal @ the best price i've found. i like not having to write a check too."
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The Week is great reading...
"...and I love the crossword puzzle each week! I love the arts info as well as national and world coverage; something for everyone. I'm not really a "newspaper-reader" so this is great coverage for me..!"
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"Most concise magazine out there. Brief and comprehensive To long a time between renewing and receiving The Week"
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Great read / excellent present
"This is an absolutely wonderful magazine! I have been sending it as a gift to several family members for a number of years now. It is consistent, timely, and never fails to deliver and intellectual punch. Do someone a favor that has an intellectual bent and send it to them as a present they will love it."
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Who publishes The Week Magazine?

The Week Magazine is published by N/A.

How often is The Week Magazine mailed?

The Week Magazine is printed and mailed Weekly.

If I order The Week Magazine today, when will my first issue arrive?

If you order today (01/19/2021) your first issue should arrive in the mail Between 03/09/2021 and 04/06/2021.

What is the Universal Magazine Code for The Week Magazine ?

The UMC is 3937.