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World Magazine is the source that informed families across the country turn to each week for breaking news, current events, cultural analysis, and insightful editorials. Because of its unique editorial position, World Magazine stands alone among newsweeklies. With its conservative, family-friendly perspective, it reaches thoughtful, discerning readers who trust World and read it enthusiastically every week.

Great Christian News
"World tells about current events from a Biblical view."
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Excellent Service
"Renewed our World magazine for another year. Easy, no hassle, no problem service and the magazine is great! The one magazine that always is read when it comes. If you want real news you can trust, this is a great source."
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World Magazine is our #1 news source!
"As far as a source for national and international news, World Magazine is by far our #1 choice. The writers write with integrity. They cover issues thoroughly and fairly. The editorial columns show a degree of down-to-earth intellectualism, rarely seen elsewhere. World has done this consistently since its inception, years ago. We eagerly anticipate its arrival, twice-a-month. Please seriously consider buying a subscription. You will automatically become part of World News Group, with all of its privileges. You worldview will be dramatically broadened for years-to-come."
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"World magazine has been a part of my life for years, since a friend told me about it. No where else can you get the variety of articles and current news events written by individuals who are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but their reports are honest and written with integrity. There is no apology for the pro-Christian viewpoint which under girds everything written, and to that I say a big hurrah. Just finished another excellent article in the April 1st issue: Ages between days, an interview with Oxford professor John Lennox. Just one more example of why I consider the information I get from World such an important part of my life."

A good way to find out what's going on in...
"A good way to find out what's going on in the world. Easy to read and enjoyable."
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"World Magazine is one of the few magazines that I am willing to pay for. It is worth it. Its news is cutting edge. I appreciate the Christian perspective. I love the political cartoons, the Quick Takes, movie & book reviews, and feature articles."

"World Magazine is about national news with christian views. The articles have a very conservative slant to them. You can read many stories which express the viewpoints of today's christian. The commentary gives you a unique perspective on popular political topics such as the president, abortion, and health care reform. If you're looking for a cheap price on a World subscription, then this site has it. God knows, in this economy we could surely use it."

"World Magazine is a well written, fair and balanced magazine. It has great articles which present the real news, not the news as represented by the biased newspapers and news media. It also has movie reviews, book reviews and many other interesting columns."

"World Magazine is my favorite news periodical. The World and national news articles are thoroughly researched and yet not presented with the liberal bias that I find in most other news sources. I also appreciate the reviews of popular music, movies, and books written from a Christian conservative perspective, calling attention to particular vulgarities which I want to avoid, and pointing out solid family values which I want to support. Even the advertising is free of the sexual innuendos pervasive in American culture. "World" is a dependable, informative, and clean publication that sacrifices nothing while presenting its readers with and accurate picture of current events."

Who publishes World Magazine?

World Magazine is published by God's World Publications.

How often is World Magazine mailed?

World Magazine is printed and mailed Bi-Weekly.

If I order World Magazine today, when will my first issue arrive?

If you order today (04/23/2024) your first issue should arrive in the mail Between 06/18/2024 and 07/16/2024.

What is the Universal Magazine Code for World Magazine ?

The UMC is .